Monday, December 11, 2006

it aint easy

Ok, I surrender! Today I am sending baby L to baby sitter's place. I feel quite bad about leaving her with baby sitter while I'm still on maternity leave. But seriously, it is tough handling 2 kids alone in the daytime! Cher is getting demanding and constantly seeking attention from me. I know it's normal for her to behave in this way but she has been doing a lot of silly things and sometimes it really get out of hand. I realised I did not spend quality time with Cher ever since baby L arrived, quite sad actually. Everyday is a challenge to me. My day starts with bathing baby, preparing lunch for Cher, bathe Cher, feed the kids, prepare Cher's dinner, bathe and feed 2 kids again. I cant do anything else! My house is in a total mess - untidiness is one thing I cannot stand. I miss reading, playing with Cher. This week is gonna be another busy one for me. I have to pack & re-organise our stuffs as we're going to do a 'mini' revamp of our home - for the girls' room (just bought tins of new paint yesterday and will be getting new furnitures this weekends, yay!) Really look forward to it, at least it keep me sane :D

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