Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Scraproom pictures

Every scrapbooker would love to have their personal scraproom. I'm no exception and will convert my current study room soon. A partition/divider will do the job - a bedroom cum scrapping place! I was inspired by Brenda when she posted her scraproom pictures. I can't wait and thus headed to Daiso that very evening. How desperate can one gets right? :D Totally love the wall rack idea, way too cool! Since we are spending so much on the scrapbooking materials, why not show and display them. Now, time to show off my humble scrapcorner.

{The wall rack}

{My love for buttons and flowers}

{Buttons & alphas kept in tea/coffee containers}

{Overall view}


Irene said...

I love your scrap area..

Brenda-Mae said...

nice! i love those "tea/coffee" jars too. was tempted to get "sugar" today lol

Anonymous said...

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