Thursday, May 25, 2006

Book Of Me

Somehow I do not want to start a BOM (Book Of Me) album. However, one of the clue for the AR required us to do a BOM layout. Brrrr. Anyway, I have a few layouts that fit into my BOM, that's not too bad I guess.

{Beautiful In Your Way}

Journal reads:

What makes someone as ordinary as me beautiful? I may not be Mrs Singapore or a desperate housewife, but I have a family who accepts me for what I am. And that is really more than what any woman can ask for. The love of my family is what makes me special. And their love is what makes me beautiful in their eyes, and mine.


Brenda-Mae said...

i love this LO - that is a gorgeous pic of you!

Anonymous said...

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{AM} said...

Gorgeous LO!!! Love the self-potraits.

Anonymous said...

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