Friday, January 27, 2006

Wrong Number Mr Postman

Had received a notice slip from Sinpost on Wednesday, it was a parcel for me. Looking at the item code, it stated "US". Boy, I got so excited because I thought it was our MAMBI Chester kit from SLD. Called Sinpost for a redelivery and was put on hold all the time, the longest period of 1 hour. But well, for the sake of the kit. I wait loh!

Finally, I managed to ask Sinpost to redeliver the parcel on the very next evening. Argghhh guess what! It wasnt the MAMBI Chester kit! It was a parcel from my ex US colleague. She sent me something for the CNY. Hahahahaa! Just felt so stupid over the whole thing. Getting all excited over the kits! Of cos, my dear friend Mel was disappointed too kekekeke

And this is the kit which I'm drooling for the longest time.

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